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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

This is a Digital Company called "Hangloose 1x, LLC" - Media for the Modern Age.

From Video to Photography. The Hangloose 1x Media Site is a channel for everything Music, Fashion, & Skate Culture in addition to Fine Art & Cinema! All made in house and RAW at Hangloose 1x by Abraham Geovanni & the Hangloose 1x, LLC Team.

Hangloose 1x, LLC started as a raw DIY portfolio In 2015.

When I First moved to LA I started a Photography Portfolio to submit to @Thrashermag.

I would start my days by skating to @prod park in Pacoima. A city in the San Fernando Valley region of LA. As the days went by I came to know the locals better. Observing & taking part in their life style. From Backwoods to family styled BBQ's with Coronas , Long hairstyles & Colorful Jeans I slowly came to see this portfolio had become much more than "Thrasher". I learned and experienced a new wave of creatives.. from skaters to graffiti artist & even other rappers we were all expressing ourselves in the best way we knew possible. That's when I realized the birth of Hangloose 1x & a long beautiful journey began.

Now days with my Colorful lifestyle as a Music Artist I am contacted constantly by Professional Skateboarders, Rock stars, Athletes, Fashion Agency's & Community Organizers to take part in there events. Most of the time I am invited on a personal basis (Friends or Business) but because I love to document & create (and all my Friends know this) I almost always Film & or Photograph everything... my friends being my friends - are almost always Fine with it.

It's been 5 years now since I started this personal Media Archive but my love for the Art of Expression has always been present. See before I became a Music Artist I grew up watching a lot of Movies with my Dad & Mom. My Dad had an elaborated pop culture taste in 90's & 80s film and my Mom loved cinema with substance & a growing plot. So I knew from an early age I was going to Shoot Movies and be a Famous Director; but I didn't know how I would start.

We use to go to Blockbuster back then. I was 9 or 10 years old with this minor obsession for 80s Slasher Films & there Poster Art - sometimes even there Aesthetics. The funny thing was I would never watch any at that age because I was to scared! Still for some funny, odd reason I would hurry into the Blockbuster isles in a whimsical fashion looking for the VHS section and always *I tell you always* end up in the Horror / Mystery section... A few years went by when I decided I would one day film a Scary VHS styled Movie, also known as the Film Style - Mockumentary.

Fast forward many years later I was 14 and my cousin had just started to put me on to Rap & Hip- Hop. My playlist during the ages of 14 to 16 consisted of everything from the Black Eyed Peas to Biggie Smalls & Kid Cudi. I was now mesmerized by every aspect of Pop Culture and began to Write & Record.

I started taking my passion for music very serious and knew I had a talent for it but I still always had a love for Cinema & Photography. This being the case I made sure not to put my skills and interest on the back burner for to long.

It was 2010 & I started my first non- official Record Label "X Records" . I was so serious yet so many of my classmates took my passion as a joke. I remember being so ambitious that I direct messaged Celebrity Connecticut State Rapper "Chris Webby" asking him to Join "X Records". The actual funny thing was this was right after he dropped his First College Mixtape so with a more structured message and a 50,000 dollar advancement Chris might have just signed on the dotted line ha...

It's peculiar because years later I actually went on to Visit Webby's Late* Hollywood mansion and collaborated with his label-mate - Internet Music Star "Jitta on The Track"

*You can find some pictures of that day on this website! (I.E. LA )

The reason why I mention all this is because in late 2009. I had just finished involving myself in the underground dancing craze "Jerking". With the help of a few high school friends we put together a Crew and would practice but we needed a camera to make it official and film videos for YouTube to go Viral. This was way before I took rapping & music to the next level but this was a time in my life Dancing Influenced my passion for Music & the Arts so much more!

See with needing a camera and all I borrowed my Mothers Point & Shoot *one more time*.

(I use to borrow it to film myself play Mario Kart Wii for YouTube and would get hundreds sometimes thousands of views. It would be simple videos of me playing and showing my skills, tricks & tips - So I always had a knack for YouTube) This was around 14, 15 years old.

We filmed a dope "Jerking" dance video to Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock Right Now" , cut it & uploaded to YouTub . . . BOOM* couple thousand views later. I think it reached nearly 5,000 views at one point. That's when I knew I needed to keep this media thing going. I would upload all the time to YouTube on different accounts for many years. From Game Playbacks to Dancing Videos or How to's & even early DIY Music Videos Pre Hangloose 1x.

Bringing this back all full circle I remember it being 9th or 10th grade. I'm walking into the school bathroom after break DM'ing Chris Webby like "hey dude wanna join X Records" - being denied by getting no message back lol, then being like "Nah I gotta build" ...

So I grabbed the Camera, messaged a bunch of local Producers and Artist I was familiar with at the time & scheduled my first Photo Shoot *period*.

I had just turned 16 & my ambition was pumping!

It was crazy cause I remember pulling up to an old Car Lot with one of the Artist. Somehow randomly walking into a Ferrari, and having the best production for our shoot.. at 16. Now here we are years later finally seeing some of my inner most desires complete themselves.

Since those early moments of success I obtained from consistent hard work I knew I had a wave to bring.

My Legacy.

Abraham Geovanni

This is a Piece of that fulfilling itself. Thank you for being apart of it. This is Hangloose 1x, LLC Sign Up to join & contribute a conversation Today. If you or a friend work in Media & have ideas to submit don't be afraid to contact us:

We are welcoming and willing to give an open ear to creativity.

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Those interested in a Hangloose 1x internship please Follow & Message Abraham personally on Instragram : @abrahamsfaith

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I want to thank everyone supporting and loving us over at Hangloose 1x, LLC,. We Love You! STAY REAL.

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